Monday, January 31, 2005

Leaving Town

Ok, I've started a blog. So everyone can easily keep up all the great stuff. "Like what?" you ask. Well if you dont know, you haven't been around me enough :P (Isn't it easy to sound like an egomaniac online!)

Anyway what is new and cool stuff:
  1. Moving to Birmingham
  2. Mac Mini (ok, I don't own one, but I still think it is cool)
  3. Ruby the programming language link
  4. Simpson's Hit and Run game
  5. Password Safe link
  6. Kaki King; great music! link
  7. Katamari Damachi game link
  8. BBQ (always good stuff)
  9. Bloglines link
  10. Shichinin no samurai
Not cool stuff:
  1. House hunting, what a headache.
  2. Sky Captain; terrible movie, stupid plot, just stupid. Can I have those two hours of my life back now?
  3. <XML>Everywhere<\XML>
  4. Cell phones
  5. Inconvient weather (ice storms in Atlanta)
  6. Really inconvient weather (tsunami)
  7. numbered lists
  8. Back pain
  9. the terrible twos
  10. Saying good-bye to friends in Atlanta
So there you have it, the start of another silly blog. Enjoy!

- Greg