Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Funny stuff... Escape from Yesterworld

Microsoft published the Escape from Yesterworld site to promote 2005 development tools. It contains some funny parody videos on the first page (Main Control Room). Only four more months and 2005 will be Yester-year. Microsoft had better start shipping fast. Enjoy!

I found it interesting that MS used Flash to make the site. Didn't MS make that fancy IE browser to deliver rich content? Also, using IE the pop-ups to show the movies would not appear. When I clicked on the controls to show the movies, IE would just make a weak "beep" sound (maybe that was flash.) IE did not provide an error, neither did the yellow bar appear to enable the popup. So with IE, I couldn't easily view the movies! Good old Firefox worked just fine. (Who made this site?)

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