Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Software that makes my day

Software that I use everyday...
  • Java - the best language and platform.
  • Eclipse - Living with eclipse only because I cant spend the $$ for IntelliJ just for home use.
  • Subversion and TortoiseSVN - Keeping the code safe
  • Beyond Compare 2 - handy diff tool, and cheap enough (I'd rather use Araxis Merge but can't afford it)
  • OpenOffice - Better than Office!
  • Office - only because my co-workers keep buying it.
  • Trillian - for those fun interruptions during the work day (yeah it gets lonely in a cube)
  • Half-life and Half-life 2 plus mods CS, DoD, Natural Selection, HL2 DM - for my adrenaline rush and game fix.
  • Firefox - for the internet, and web-based email.
  • Remote Desktop - because there are too many machines in my office
  • Audacity - A poor man's 'tivo' for internet audio.
  • Azureus - Because bittorrent rocks!
  • Windows XP - Only because you have to have an OS, and this is the only one that runs all the other stuff easily.
It is interesting to see that half of these applications are opensource. What software helps you get through the day?

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Anonymous said...

C# - The best language
.NET - The best platform
Vim - The best editor
Visual Studio .NET - The best complete IDE (and free since MS loves giving it away to students)
Office - Better than OpenOffice
MSN Messenger - Because Trillian's such a pain in the ***
Firefox - who doesn't these days?
Synergy (slightly modified by me) - Why use Remote Desktop to log in remotely when you can use Synergy to control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard, and my modifications to it to tell the dual input monitor to switch inputs when I move the mouse between the two computers connected to it.
Windows XP - because it's the best os currently available
Windows Vista - because I like to experiment with new stuff
Windows Server 2003 - because it's the best server os currently available
Debian Linux - Best linux distro I've found so far
Ubuntu Linux - currently evaluating, good chance it will replace debian
OSX86 - Because people told me it was good and I'm still trying to figure out why