Wednesday, February 16, 2005

One more time... reformat reload reinstall.

After reading one more reason why i hate windows from Eric, i have to admit I'm feeling the same towards WinXP. I replaced my mother board; because the MB alarm on my old board was going off. However winBlows XP (eXtra Pain) couldn't boot. The stupid thing would just lockup or reboot during startup. In safe-mode it would stop after printing "mup.sys". After four failed attempts (16+hrs of time) to recover or repair windows I had to resort to just completely reloading windows. Of course this process didn't work well and took two attempts before reaching nerdvana. (There is no way the Matrix could exist if we cant get a simple OS to work) Didn't I just do this about 6mo ago?

Now come the joys of reinstalling all my apps. At least I get to review my list of stuff to backup carefully. Fortunately It means I'll finally get around to updating all my software to the latest versions.

First Apps to Install:
  • Mozilla Firefox with the following extensions
    1. ieview
    2. dictionary search
    3. bugmenot
    4. download manager tweak
    5. copy plain text
    6. adblock
  • Java 5
  • Open Office
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Password Safe (sourceforge)
  • CvsNT and WinCVS
  • Trillian Pro
  • Serene Screen Marine Aquarium 2.0 (screen saver)
  • JASC Pant Shop
  • PowerToys for XP: TweakUI, Power Calc, Command Prompt Here
  • Combat Mission Afrika Korp (look out Matt D, this battle is mine!)
  • Savage (s2games)
  • Halflife2 and CS Source

I wonder how long it would take to reload OSX on a mac mini. I'd bet it wouldn't take a whole week. Funny thing, I've never had to reload my Playstation 2. If I could just send email, print, open office, and surf the net (including flash) on the PS2 or a similar console I wouldn't need a *Personal* computer.

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