Monday, February 28, 2005


Week 1 of the new job has gone well. The Microsoft brain implant seems to be working fairly well. A couple more weeks and they tell me I wont remember that other language that was like J#. C# isn't such a bad language for an Java programmer like myself. At least I don't have to hand code grid layouts. One thing I do like is the way NUnit uses attributes to mark class and methods as test cases. This seems nicer and more flexable than using naming conventions in JUnit. Maybe JUnit could add this feature in a future release.

In other news, I've finally gotten a contract on my next house. I've found a nice little hood down Hwy 280. The area has really been growing super fast in the years I was away in Atlanta. Yes, even in Chelsea Alabama there is a Starbucks on every corner.

Sadly a good friend of mine, Stan Ragan passed away this week from complications related to his fight with brain cancer. Stan and I had a great time in the years I got to know him. We shared the same love for video games and technology. Fortunately we both share the same faith in Christ, so I look forward to seeing him again in the next life. Dealing with losing Stan has provided a time for deep reflection into my own beliefs. It is good at times to question what I believe and why I believe them, since once again I find the answers solid and worthy of my faith. Goodbye for now Stan.

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