Monday, May 23, 2005

Great stuff from Yahoo, soon

I've been playing around with MyWeb (beta) from Yahoo. It provides the ability to save a copy of a webpage to yahoo's servers. Then you can search your saved pages at a later time. This is wonderful for me since I'm always reading a lot of tech articles. So now I can save the articles and use search to find something I've read before. This works so much better than using Google or Yahoo seach on a topic because it is like searching through your own memory.

I've run into some problems with the beta of MyWeb. Currently it only works well if you use Yahoo Toolbar. Unfortunately the toolbar can slow down your browser. So I have to turn off the Yahoo Toolbar most of the time. Then just turn it on to save a page.

Yahoo 360 is another product in beta. I'm not in their invitation only beta. So I cant really say how well it works. However, it looks like it has many features I've wanted. You can check it out on Yahoo's site.

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