Friday, June 03, 2005

No Phones, No Lights, No Motor Cars; Not a Single Luxury

I now know that I'm living out in the country. I have no phone service! The last set of thunderstorms knocked out dial-tone in my area. It has been gone for 24+ hrs now (Friday), and BellSouth currently estimates it will be **TUESDAY** to get it fixed.

Thankfully my DSL still works great, so I'm not completely cut off from civilization like the crew on Gilligan's Island. Unfortunately I'm one of those dead-beats who refuses to get a cell-phone. So I don't have any phone at home. I guess I could use Skype to make a call out using the internet. In a pinch I could always run to a neighbors and use their cell phone :)

So not having a phone for a few days will be an adventure. Especially since it falls on a weekend. It makes it harder to coordinate getting together with friends and family. But, it wont be that difficult. If I had lost internet service, then I think I would start looking for a new house.

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