Sunday, June 19, 2005


Last week I had a great trip to Vancouver. The weather was sunny most of the week which is really great for that time of year. Sunil and I tried every Indian restraunt we could find in the area. Plus, I got to eat African and Maylsian food. Also the area had plenty of healthy food. I had a great time trying out all the foods. I think my favorite was a Tai place near our office. We walked all around during the week. IT was really good for me to walk so much.

The trip was productive even though it was short. For myself it was really great to meet the guys from India. I realize now that I had some resentment towards the India team. Mostly because of the unwelcome change to my job and for those who lost their jobs in Bham. But after getting to know those guys better, I've put my resentment behind. These guys are just computer geeks like myself. They are in much the same place in life as myself. Trying to raise families and make a good living. Unfortunately for them, they have to be displaced more than me to meet the demands of their career. After getting to know them, I now look forward to working with them.

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