Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cool Internet Tools

The 5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards published their results. From it I found a couple of useful tools I'll have to use.

Jux2 is an interesting meta search engine. I like the way it clearly shows what was missed by my favorite search engine Google. Very interesting to see how Google, Yahoo and Jeeves stack up through the lens of Jux2.

Clusty is a good way to handle those search that bring up too many unrelated items. For example, I was searching for public swimming pools in my area. The usual search engines found pools for every city and county that sounds similar to mine. Thus making it tooo hard to find what I wanted. But Clusty got it right by clustering information by location! The results were better than Google and Yahoo local which seemed to just bring up business related to swimming pools.

Feedster is an online RSS reader like Bloglines. While I'm not ready to convert from Bloglines to Feedster, I did find the Feedster RSS Search very useful. By entering in a topic, it found current blogs about the subject. Making it easy to find the buzz on that topic.

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