Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm going to Vancouver... or India... or both?

The latest news on my job is that I'm the "Solution Architect" on one of our products that is developed up in Vancouver. Nice! I'm think free trips to Canada. But then our top management makes an big announcement... all development and QA is getting outsourced to India. Ok, free trips to India? Fortunately as an Architect I get to keep my job. {I'm learning to expect anything with this company.} So now I've got to take knowledge from the unfortunate folks in Vancouver, and give it to a new offshore team. We will have to see how this new mandate works out. The reason behind the move to offshoring is the same found at the previous company. The good old boys at the top are involved with both companies. I really feel for the guys I've gotten to know here in Birmingham that are loosing their jobs. I pray they can all find something better.

On a lighter note, I've had the chance to remotely develop from my old house in Atlanta to my new job in Birmingham. It worked very well. I was able to concentrate while at home. Connectivity was good over my dsl. I was able to interact with the Bham folks over IM. Overall, I'd say I got a bit more done from home than I would from the office. At home I was able to keep interruptions to a minimum. I was also able to focus more. At home I was less concerned with the time of day. Which means I took lunch when it was convienent with my work tasks, and was usually much shorter. Also, the work day was a little longer because I started earlier and didn't stop until later. I don't think I'd want to telecommute all the time, but it is nice.

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When you get back from talking to the two Bob's in Vancouver, and you're setting the building on fire, don't forget to pick up your red Swingline on the way out.