Friday, April 15, 2005

Ratchet and Clank (Playstation 2)

I have to give Ratchet and Clank it's own post because I've found it such an enjoyable game. I just completed R&C 2 (Going Commando) and found myself diving into the *Challenge Mode* where the game is replayed with all the stuff you gained, but the enemies are 10x stronger. The game is one of the best platform games I've played. The levels are nicely designed and fun to complete (not a lot of exploring, each level usually has a couple of branches). One aspect of the game I've liked is the variety. The game has a lot of variety in weapons, gadgets, levels, and things to interact with. Another fun part of the game is the cut scenes. They are really well matched to the game world and plot. In addition the designers did a great job of adding nice touches of humor to it.

If you haven't tried R&C, I recommend it. It is rare that a game holds my interest to 100% completion. Even rarer that I'll complete both the original and the sequel. Yes, I did complete R&C the original game a year or two ago. Fortunately I kept my save game. In R&C 2 I was able to recover the weapons from R&C 1 that were in my saved game. This really is a fun game series. Now if only R&C 3 would become a *Greatest Hit* so I can buy it cheap.

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